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Medical Anatomy & Physiology  
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Unit 13 -Reproductive System

Introduction:Human development is the continuous process of body changes that begin at the moment of fertilization and continues to the death of an individual.

Unit 14 PowerPoint
Lecture Notes

Lesson 1: Students will take notes on the basic anatomy and physiology of the male and female reproductive system. (Teacher Lecture)

Lesson 2:Students will write a three paragraph essay describing the differences and similarities betweem the male and female reproductive organs.

Lesson 3:Students will draw and label identified terminology of the female and male reproductive system.

Lesson 4:Students will draw the events of the menstrual cycle and label each structure. Students will also explain the effects of estrogen, progesterone and relaxin on the ovarian cycle.

Lesson 5:
Students will understand that ovulation is a cycle by creating an ovulation cycle wheel. The various stages of ovulation will be defined and understood.

Lesson 6:Students will compare and contrast spermatogenesis and oogenesis. (Teacher Notes)

Lesson 7: Students will draw spermatogenesis and oogenesis.

Lesson 8:Students will illustrate the development of a human through different phases as identified in the lesson.

Lesson 9: Students will watch a video called "Monsters Inside Me" and answer question on a video guide.

Lesson 10: Given diseases and disorders of the reproductive system, students will define and provide treatments for each.

Lesson 11: Test Review

Technology Paper - Anatomy Research Project

Rubrics for Anatomy Research Project